Recap “Royal Feast” Episode 5


Recap “Royal Feast” Episode 5

At the Shang Food Bureau, You Yifan brought many Jinyiwei to conduct a thorough investigation. This time, he also brought an old mother who can testify. The old mother called the impostor the daughter of a criminal minister and had a black mole on his left hand. Yao Zijin opened his palm in front of everyone. There was no mole on the heart of his left hand, and the suspicion was lifted. Meng Ziyun tried to ensure that there were no impostors in the Shang Food Bureau, and You Yifan took Jinyiwei and walked away.

Yao Zijin pulled Yin Ziping closer to the next room. She tried to open Yin Ziping’s tightly clenched left hand. There was a black mole on Yin Ziping’s palm. It was obvious that the mole had been destroyed by Yin Ziping just now, leaving only a blood mark. Yao Zijin pulled Yin Ziping to explain to Meng Ziyun that Yin Ziping found the scissors from the dustbin and would rather die than meet Meng Ziyun. With tears in her eyes, she called her parents untouchables.

Cricket, delusional to be able to escape from the lowly, the result is self-defeating, her younger brother and parents are dead, and she is the only one left to escape. She secretly learned to cook, and later heard that the boss of Changsheng Building did not want her daughter to enter the palace, so she impersonated and sneaked into the palace.

Yao Zijin moved with compassion, she took Yin Ziping into her arms with tears in her arms, and comforted Yin Ziping not to do stupid things again. Yin Ziping spoke truthfully inside the house, but everyone outside heard it. Su Yuehua heard that Yin Ziping was an impostor and immediately reported the matter to Meng Ziyun.

Zhu Zhanji investigated that it was the poisonous oranges in Yu’an’s hands that affected him. He angrily wanted to go to Yu’an and ask him to understand. On the way, he recalled that Yu’an was so surprised when he saw him eating oranges. Obviously, he didn’t know. He would eat poisonous oranges, and Zhu Zhanji couldn’t bear to expose her, so he turned around and left after all.

The next day, Yin Ziping was sent to the small kitchen, apparently the secret had been exposed. Su Yuehua walked up to Yao Zijin and confessed that it was Ziping that she exposed. Although Yao Zijin could forgive Yin Ziping’s despicableness, Su Yuehua could not tolerate working with such a person. It was cold, Yao Zijin hugged Yin Ziping a few quilts, Yin Ziping was ostracized by everyone, and was a little disheartened. Yao Zijin comforted her.

Teacher Mu, who has been studying since childhood, is a smart leader, and she is excellent in piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. Unfortunately, she is a happy family. She has been treated with indifference all her life, but Master Mu lived a free and unrestrained life. Yao Zijin encouraged Yin Ziping to be more humble and unable to give up, but to prove her achievements to others. Yao Zijin’s words made Yin Ziping very useful. Yin Ziping hugged Yao Zijin and swore that she would make some achievements to prove herself.

One day, Yao Zijin saw Zhu Zhanji who was sitting in a sedan chair when he was delivering the meal. The former benefactor looked at him for the first time. He was so heroic and gentle as jade. Yao Zijin’s heart was pounding, and she kept walking. It took two lanes to get a chance to take another look. In the evening, Yao Zijin told Yin Ziping of today’s encounter, Yin Ziping felt that she was delusional, a royal nobleman and a dishwashing girl, which was almost a distance of the Milky Way.

Yao Zijin never thought about the future. When she was a child, when she first saw Zhu Zhanji to experience farmers planting rice seedlings, she felt that he was very popular. After more than ten years, he is still extraordinary.

Meng Ziyun returned to her dormitory and suddenly saw the King of Han. Many years ago, Meng Ziyun could not bear to humiliate and kill her husband’s eldest brother. After being imprisoned, he was rescued by the King of Han. Since then, the King of Han has often coerced her to do some secret things. This late-night visit is obviously something else she needs to do.

The next day, the sage Zhu Gaochi returned with a very bad face. This time he was punished by the emperor to kneel for a long time. When he returned home, Zhu Gaochi couldn’t help complaining. When he returned to the fief, he presented it to the emperor today. Not only did he fail to do well, but the emperor accused him of being fat and brainless. Zhu Zhanji asked his father not to complain loudly. The King of Han often accompanied the emperor in his own expeditions and made great military exploits. Naturally, the emperor could not criticize more.

The Crown Princess came quickly and attentive. She found out that the King of Han did not enter the palace that day, and the emperor only summoned Zhu Gaochi after lunch, and then Longyan was furious. She carefully checked the emperor’s lunch meal, only one plate of dim sum was very special.

The people from the Shangshi Bureau claimed that Meng Ziyun made this dish of dim sum. It turned out that the emperor saw the dim sum and couldn’t help but remembered that the King of Han had escorted him to death several times. The crown princess then passed on Meng Ziyun’s questioning, Meng Ziyun said that helping the King of Han was just a stratagem, in order to find out the attempt of the King of Han to return to the fief for a long time.