Cook-A-Thon: Hilda Baci Breaks Guinness Old Longest Cooking Record By An Individual [More Detail]

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Popular Nigerian Chef, Hilda Baci has broken the old longest cooking hours previously held by Indian Chef Lata Tondon who made meals for 87 hours, 45 minutes and 00 seconds.

The amazing fact is that at the time of writing this report, she had also been cooking for 88 hours and still cooking.

Hilda Baci

It should be noted that for the past four days that she her cooking hackathon has unified many Nigerians for all works of life as they congregate at her cooking station.

It should also be noted that she is still cooking and there has been any official stated from Guinness World Records yet.

People who had stayed overnight at her cooking station kept clapping as some cautioned her to take it easy now that she has broken the record.